The company is under contract to the National Highway Institute in Washington, D.C. to teach a two day course in Rock Slope Engineering (Course Number 132035) to highway engineers across the United States. To date, over 40 courses have been presented in 23 states. The course is part of an eleven module instructional program on geotechnical engineering sponsored by the National Highway Institute.

The course material includes a detailed manual entitled Rock Slopes, and a student exercise book. The topics covered in the course are:

  • Basic mechanics of rock slope stability
  • Geological data collection and interpretation
  • Shear strength of rock
  • Ground water effects on slope stability
  • Plane failure
  • Wedge failure
  • Circular failure
  • Slope stabilization measures

As a teaching aid, there is a student exercise for each topic.

For information on ordering a course, contact the contract manager:

Norm Norrish
(206) 790-3476

Rock Slopes





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