The company principles have authored or co-authored the following practical text books on rock engineering:

Foundations on Rock

Foundations on Rock is an up-to-date, practical reference book describing current engineering practice in the investigation, design and construction of foundations on rock. The second edition of this successful book has been extensively updated. The methods set out are readily applicable to high-rise buildings, bridges, dams, docks and structures subject to uplift and overturning loads. Learn more

Rock Slope Engineering

Engineering projects often require the excavation of rock cuts that must be safe from rock falls and large-scale slope instability, during both construction and operation.

It contains many worked examples to assist the reader in relating the techniques described to practical slope design, and provides over 300 carefully selected references. Learn more

Landslides – Investigation and Mitigation

This Transportation Research Board report is a greatly expanded edition of the highly popular predecessor Special Report 176 on landslides published in 1978. The new report, which has been designed with an even broader international scope, contains practical discussions of field investigations, laboratory testing, and stability analysis procedures. Also included are case studies, research directions and comprehensive references. Learn more

Rock Fall Engineering

Rock Fall Engineering provides, for locations in mountainous terrain with high rock fall hazards, comprehensive procedures for the design and construction of protection structures. The procedures include the theories of trajectories and impact mechanics, and their application to the determination of translational and angular velocities, and kinetic and rotational energies. Learn more

Rock Slopes





Rock Falls