Landslides – Investigation and Mitigation (1996)

Transportation Research Board, Special Report 247

ISBN 0-309-06208-X

This Transportation Research Board report is a greatly expanded edition of the highly popular predecessor Special Report 176 on landslides published in 1978. The new report, which has been designed with an even broader international scope, contains practical discussions of field investigations, laboratory testing, and stability analysis procedures. Also included are case studies, research directions and comprehensive references. This comprehensive report comprises twenty-five chapters organized into five sections:

  • Principles, definitions and assessments
  • Field investigations
  • Strength of rock and soil, and stability analyses
  • Mitigation measures for rock and soil slides
  • Special cases and materials, including tropical and residual soils, colluvium and talus, shales and degradable materials, hydraulic tailings, loess, soft sensitive clays and permafrost.

The report is of interest to geologists and engineers responsible for landslide investigations, university students studying landslides, and researchers desiring a definitive reference for landslide investigation and mitigation procedures.

As committee members of an international group of experts, Duncan Wyllie and Norman Norrish contributed to the overall structure of the report and authored the three chapters devoted to rock engineering –Shear Strength of Rock, Rock Slope Stability Analysis Methods and Stabilization and Rock Fall Protection Methods.

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