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Construction Vibrations (2nd ed) Topic: Vibrations Author:Charles H. Dowding
Corrosion of Steel Piling in Nonmarine Applications Topic: Foundations Author:J.A Beavers
Crack In The Edge Of The World Topic: Earthquakes Author:Simon Winchester
Current Foundation Engineering Practice for Structures in Karst Areas Topic: Foundations Author:David L. Knott
Current Trends in Geotechnical Engineering Topic: Rock Mechanics
Dams and Public Safety: A Water Resources Technical Publication Topic: Dams Author:Robert B. Jansen
Darwin Voyage of the Beagle (Wordsworth Classics of World Literature) Topic: History Author: Charles Darwin
Debris-Flow Protection Systems for Mountain Torrents: Basic Principles for Planning and Calculation of Flexible Barriers Topic: Debris Flow Author:Corinna Wendeler
Deep Foundations Institute 29th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations Topic: Foundations Author:Deep Foundations Institute
Degrees of Belief: Subjective Probability and Engineering Judgment Topic: Risk Management Author:Steven G. Vick
Design Methods in Rock Mechanics Topic: Rock Mechanics Author:Richard E. Goodman
Design of Modern Steel Railway Bridges Topic: Bridges Author:John F. Unsworth
Design-Build Subsurface Projects Topic: Tunnelling Author:Gary S. Brierley
Detour Architecture and Design Along 18 National Tourist Routes in Norway Topic: Architecture Author:Nina Berre
Documentation of Damage – Japanese Fukushima Earthquake Topic: Earthquakes
Doom The Politics of Catastrophe Topic: History

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