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Drilled Shafts and Anchors Short Course Topic: Foundations Author:GeoOdyssey
Drilled Shafts: Construction Procedures and Design Methods Vol 2 Chapter 9-19 Topic: Foundations Author: Appendices
Drilling and Excavation Technologies for the Future Topic: Drilling Author:Committee on Advanced Drilling Technologies National Research Council
Drilling: Manual of Methods Topic: Drilling Author: Applications
Earthquake Engineering for Concrete Dams : Design Topic: Earthquakes Author: Performance
Economics An Introductory Analysis 7th Edition Topic: Economics Author:Paul A. Samuelson
Effect of Earthquakes on Rock Slope Stability Topic: Earthquakes
Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems Topic: Mathematics Author: William E. Boyce
Elements of Mining 3rd Edition Topic: Mining Author:Robert Strong Lewis
Encyclopedia of Engineering Geology Topic: Geology Author:Brian Marker
Engineering Aspects of Rockfall Hazards in Canada Topic: Rockfall Author:O. Hngr
Engineering Geology: Landslides Induced by Earthquake and Volcanic Activity Topic: Earthquakes Author:D.K Keefer
Euler’s pioneering equation: The most beautiful theorem in mathematics Topic: Mathematics Author:Robin Wilson
Extreme Rainfall Induced Landslides an International Perspective Topic: Landslides Author:Willy A. Lacerda
Fluid Mechanics for Engineers Second Edition Topic: Water Author:P.S Barna
Foundation Engineering Handbook Topic: Foundations Author:Hsai-Yang Fang

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