Yoho Bridge, Kicking Horse Canyon, BC

Structures such as bridges and power transmission towers founded on rock may be located on steep slopes. Design issues for these conditions where the structural loads are highly concentrated, include the bearing capacity and stability of the foundation. Additional factors that can be detrimental to stability include ground motions due to earthquakes, and scour where there are high velocity flows at the foundation. Types of foundation include spread footings, rock socketted piers and tension foundations.


  • Site investigations including location studies, geological mapping, diamond drill core logging, with and without core orientation, and ground water studies;
  • Laboratory testing of compressive strength, modulus, slake durability and shear strength;
  • Analysis of bearing capacity and settlement based on rock mass strength and modulus parameters;
  • Stability assessments related to foundation loading, slope geometry, and possible earthquake accelerations and over-steepening due to scour;
  • Design of final wall blasting including pre-shear and cushion blast procedures;
  • Design of stabilization measures – rock bolting, shotcrete, scaling and drainage;
  • Assessment of scour potential and design of appropriate protection measures.

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